Meet Marie, Our Admin!

Marie in elegant evening wear for a wedding!

Marie first came to us to sell her home near Holden and later to buy a home in Baton Rouge.  We established a relationship of mutual professional respect.  Several years later, she retired from working with the State at DOTD and became our administrative assistant.

She has a long history as a Certified Public Accountant in public accounting, private industry, and government.  While at DOTD, she worked as an accountant in the Financial Services Section and then broadened her horizons in the Real Estate Section in an administrative capacity.  She brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to our company.

Marie stays busy with many hobbies, which include studying Chinese, playing music, gardening, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, doing her own home renovations and landscaping.  She believes that our lives should be filled with joy and does her part to make that happen!

Marie is always laughing and in a great mood at the office, keeping all on track!